Welcome to the Bagendon Parish Council website. This site is currently under development and we will be adding to it’s functionality over the coming months.

If you have any suggestions on what you’d like covered on these pages please do get in touch with our clerk, Jo Church. She will gladly pass on your suggestions to our web design team.

In the meantime we hope what you find on the current site is of use and please do visit us again soon.


Coronavirus (Covid-19) – Updated – November 2020

With the ongoing challenges to everyday living caused by Covid-19, we will continue to help residents as much as possible. At the outbreak of the pandemic we created the Bagendon Coronavirus Support Group which helps those in need, however small that requirement may be. It is now clear than the virus will be with us well into 2021 but be reassured that we will still be here for everyone in the parish for as long as is required.

If you would like to get involved as a volunteer or, you would like assistance, we invite you to get in touch.

Please do not be shy or reticent. We are a community and wish to work together to ensure that anyone who needs assistance, of any kind, has someone very close to contact.

Whatever your need, be assured there are people within our village who care. People are on standby to help with collection of essential groceries, prescriptions and other items urgently needed. We can also just be there on the other end of a telephone for a chat.

Anyone wishing to offer assistance or would like help, please contact Brian Forde on 07887 706254.

Please share this information with your neighbours.

Other useful sources of information and support (click on the links below) :


UK Government


Nextdoor (local community social media – you’ll need to join, free – no charge)


NEWS…October 2020

Chrunbridge row pic 1
Churnbridge Row

We are delighted the see the launch of the new affordable housing in our close parish neighbours, North Cerney. 

The project includes 10 affordable dwellings for rent and 2 for shared ownership. All dwellings are heated by their own air-source heat pumps and insulated to very high standard thereby minimising occupiers’ heating bills.

Priority was given to persons with a defined local connection to North Cerney and Bagendon Parishes and are now fully occupied.  


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